Superpower: what’s that?

I have a few superpowers that I am sure about.
One is “I have a very good spacial orientation so I can figure out in a new place where is what”

Second one is “I am very fast in doing stuff” for example you give me to learn something in any field how to do and I can do it immediately with minimum effort. (Not perfect but good enough)

Now lets say you have to work with yours for now, what can you use your super powers for to improve your life?
You can have a strength in learning super fast a language and remembering tens of new words every day ( that’s very helpful). Or you can hold your breath for long periods of time.
Bottom line there are a million powers that you can have and discover late in life or never if you don’t look for them.

School teaches groups of kids theory and practice so it cannot focus the curriculum on individual level. As a result of that millions of kids don’t have the opportunity to discover their strengths and that’s very unfortunate.

Now I am not saying that school is useless but I am stressing that you cannot become your best self just by going to school. It is not enough.

It is like going to a wallpainter (the guy who makes your walls in the room white) to paint you a portrait of a beautiful woman.
He may even have the skills to do it miraculously but he is paid for making other stuff and he has tree more houses to finish today.
You got the point.

What next

So fine, you know your strengths and you may even use them on a regular basis. Now what? Did you finish and have nothing else to do? No! You go forward and learn something new.
Try a new experience, try new hobbies ( give them at least a few tries) , make lists of goals ( long and short) and prioritize. Then follow through.

If you don’t have time even better, choose one and stick with it until you feel it is not making you happy anymore. Then move to next on your list. That way you always are ‘hungry’.
One thing I learned is to always be hungry and stay hungry.

That’s why I kind of get angry when I hear people say ‘hey man I just want to be happy’.
Why the hell you want to be happy for? What is happiness in the most concrete wag possible? To stay home in a villa eating and drinking surrounded by money?
I am sure if you got all that in a month you won’t be as happy as in the beginning.

The reason is that happiness is not a place where you get but is a constant drive. Literally is the trip not the destination. Make that your superpower.
And during my life I got this verified lots and lots of time. When We bought the house and entered first time I was not as happy or excited as when I planned and choose the house.
So try new stuff, get to know people if possible, eat some weird food and constantly look for ways to challenge your comfort.

Be well and thank you for reading TheLongWalks



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