Drink water not whiskey

You know what? If you want to be cool this year drink water 🙂

The benefits of drinking water, It is a new topic to me that bothered for so long time for two reasons. 

I didn’t know enough about and was somehow common knowledge.

The second reason was that ‘why there are so many ads for alcohol and not for water. It would be so much simpler to sell something so beneficial like water to the public than anything else really.

So lets explore the reason why water is so good for you.

  • It is found in all living things and powers them
  • The supply is almost unlimited so on average pretty cheap
  • It is versatile (you can use it for cooking or drinking or washing stuff)
  • Powers machines

So it is a remarkable force in civilization but that’s enough about water’s superpowers.

Lets now speak about whiskey and more importantly why I choose it for comparison.

Whiskey is a spirit from the alcohol family of course which is very famous around the world.

The reason why I mention it is that it is pushed to the public like something that is cool.

For as long as I can remember the image of gentleman in my mind is a man in a chair, with a library behind him, legs crossed and with a glass  of whiskey in hand. 

That is the image it flashes in my mind immediately.

The thing is that without it in your life you can live very well but without water not so much or not for long.

In my opinion there should be banners everywhere with reminders like ‘have you drank a glass of water in the last half an hour?’

It will improve people’s lives much more than any glass of whiskey.

The same could be said about smoking/e-cigarettes(IQOS) vs eating an apple. You can go in the break outside with an apple in hand or a cigarette and both will take the same time to finish but the effects are totally different.

The apple will keep you away from hunger and thirst and on the other hand the cigarettes will make you thirsty and smelling bad.

I know, I know that this post is more like a rant than something super informative but I feel I have to state this.

I used to smoke and drink (even now I still drink from time to time) so I know how is it to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, how it makes you feel and I know how strong alcohol makes you think and act. It is so strange when you think all your life that you are in control and that you choose to drink that glass but in fact you are controlled and weak to stay away from it.

So if you are struggling with alcohol and you wish to eliminate it from your life try to drink water.

It is a trick that helps you eliminate the emptiness before a drink with constantly feeling full. But instead of feeling full from the sickness (hangover) you are full of water.

Much better exchange.

You know there are entire programs dedicated to solving addictions but   The general rule in all of them is by replacing the source of addiction (drugs, caffein , tobacco with something else bit positive) like exchanging hobbies in a way.

It will keep your mind and body busy and hook you up on something else but beneficial.

Drink water today save a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

Give up red wine to start gym. Exchange cigarettes for running up the hill or bicycle.

The trick is to fill the void, the emptiness giving up an addiction brings.

There is an old saying that is something like:

In times of shock or extreme stress you cannot think straight so you do things that are the easiest reachable because it requires you minimum effort.

For example you brake up and you are super sad and broken so you start eating junk food and watch YouTube movies.

The Shock Doctrine is one of the greatest books I have red in my entire life by Naomi Klein.

You must have a plan preferably structured and dedicate some time to building and maintaining it. It must have deadlines, targets and real tracking. There are tools for that but you really don’t need them just the desire to quit whatever you are on and take back something good for you.

You can test yourself to see if you really have a problem just by looking at your amounts per day or per week you spend on drinking for example.

Look up online for success stories for motivation and see if the story fits somehow your situation.

So as a bottom line I would like to encourage you to look for help or if you are strong just work on yourself to remove large quantities of alcohol like whiskey from tour life.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose so drink water guys as a replacement for alcohol.

Now as an equilibrate person there is no rule against drinking or smoking from time to time.

It is really up to you how much you want to remove these elements from your life ( the more the better of course , but even a small progress is good)

It shows you actually that you are in control and can modify your behavior at will.

Cheers and thank you for reading TheLongWalks



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