Stay on top of trends
Stay on top of trends

Why stay on top of trends? Look for top trends on twitter.

Do you wish sometimes to be more informed about a topic? Do you want to stay on top of trends worldwide?

It is easy these days to get lost in a sea of news-sources especially if you are looking for something specific. There is a solution to the feeling of “overwhelming” if you want to feel you are making progress.

In the past I was following some people on Twitter regarding politics and investigative journalism. That was nice since when you follow one person Twitter will automatically recommend you a certain type of people.

It is done using machine learning (You can check my article I wrote about it).

Why care about news ?

Not to be confused by being addicted to the news, that’s really bad for your mind and health. Just enough to keep you updated is really healthy for you and your family.

For example you can read about a travel interdiction or bad weather in a part of the world where your sister is traveling. It can save her money and time and even life if you warn her about the issue in advance.

Now it is very important to get the info from reliable sources. Here is the actual biggest problem, how can you make sure you get the appropriate and truthful news.

One idea is to watch all of them and decide after a period of time which one is for you, another way is to just stick with one and move to the next when you feel something is missing or wrong.

There is a map of ranking I took from the internet.

Media bias

It is kind of hard to read but you get the idea.

Google News is also very good since it is an automatic aggregate of news sites so you don’t get just one type but a mix.

What Is Unbiased News?

It could be an angle placed on news stories about state organizations or policies that are financed by state leadership themselves. There is no better example of this than the Xinhua News Agency, the mouthpiece of the Peoples Republic of China. Or Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS), the news agency owned by the Russian government.

However, the US isn’t innocent either. In the US, those controlling the journalists’ pens are corporate leaders rather than government leaders.

In the US, there are six corporate media giants that own 90 percent of the US media market—GE, News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS.

How to verify if a news source is good

The truth is that links or other measures of popularity are not reliable criteria for reliability.

I don’t think there is an automatic way to know if some story is reliable. Sometimes you can’t trust even a widely reputable newspaper.

That said, although there are some exceptions, the most reliable sources of online news are still the good old news organizations.

They still are who provide most of the original news material on the web. So if you find a story on a website and want to know if it is reliable, the best way to check it is to see if that information is also present in at least one reputable media: the main newspapers (the broadsheet ones) or news agencies.

This is a basic criterion in journalism: cross-check information using reliable sources !!!

What if I am interested just in trends?

The best trending tool is actually Google Trends.

Google Trends is a search trends feature that shows how frequently a given search term is entered into Google’s search engine relative to the site’s total search volume over a given period of time.

You can use the data found in Google Trends for several different marketing purposes:

  • In paid search, Google Trends data can be used to inform your seasonal campaigns, helping with cost planning as well as inventory stocking. In addition, you can use Google Trends to find irrelevant trending terms you need to set as negative keywords, so a trending search doesn’t wildly affect your costs.
  • For SEO and content marketing, use Google Trends to learn what people in your target market are searching for information about. Writing about trending topics can help drive traffic to your site.
  • To inspire your ad creative, browse Google Trends to see what topics are currently capturing the public imagination. Referencing a trending topic (like a hot new kind of music or dance) in your marketing campaigns, whether it’s an email blast, a Facebook ad, or a radio spot, can increase your ads’ engagement.


How cool, right?

Cheers and thank you for reading TheLongWalks



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