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If you reached this point it means Mr Google decided to direct you here (Thanks Googie) and also you put the right combination of words in your browser.
Of course I did some magic from my side but generally let me congratulate you for arriving (for once) in the right place at the right time.

This blog is the only one you will need to jumpstart you in your blogging career. (That’s right:all your questions about blogging will be answered here… nice)

What is blogging?

Blogging generally refers to “web-blogging” and is a form of keeping a journal on the web. It doesn’t have to be a “journal” but a collection of thoughts from multiple people focused on a theme (example: Food blog is a website containing information related to food, recipes etc, it is a niche).

Another form of blogging is vblogging or video blogging, it is basically the same but in video format (think Youtube).
Lately (for 8 years) writing a blog became very competitive as the “fight” is held to cover the number one place on Google or other big search engines.

That means that more and more (if not all) bloggers are trying to optimize their content to be “liked” by the Big G.
It is good and bad in the same time:
– Good because it raises the standard for everyone (write good informative stuff and get the love)
– Bad because it is a struggle to keep up and constantly outsmart the competition. (don’t get me wrong, it is fun, but sometimes it seems like a full time job)

So you start writing about your favorite themes (football, bungee jumping, road-trips , your cat) and wait for people (hopefully) to read your page and share it further if they find it relevant. Remember you have a superpower.

Home blogging gear

It may take time until people reach it (via Facebook, or direct link, or Organic from G or some other referral way but you must make sure once they do, you keep them there (on the page) with very good content and something meaningful.

Why do I need a blog?

Firstly it keeps you organized. That’s why I do it.
There are a million things to remember these days so it may be interesting to start a blog to keep track of important topics you want to use later.

Secondly, a blog is also a place to vent and rant about what is bothering you. (you can write a long essay about why you don’t have hot water home for example).
Thirdly, it is fun to make research and discover new things in the process. It keeps you up to date and hungry for information.

Other people do it strictly for money and to take advantage of the future visitors but I realized long ago that it doesn’t worth it.
It is just making you a slave to the keywords hunt which in fact controls your content.

How does that work you ask? Simple: you want to write about “How to clean your bathtub in 10 minutes” and because the lack of keyword volume (i’ll talk about it later) you end up being forced indirectly to write about “Top 10 celebrity bathtubs 2020” 🙂

You know what I mean , right? 🙂

It is super annoying and it kills the passion of writing and thinking. It also transforms the whole blog into another clickbait platform.

To be able to write good content you have to be free to write what you want

Vlad B.

Statistics about blogging

  • 78% of internet users read blogs regularly. …
  • The average person spends 38 seconds reading a blog post. …
  • The ideal reading time for a blog post is 8 minutes. …
  • Given both options, 73% of readers would rather watch video than read text. …
  • The most popular time for reading blogs is between 8am and 10am.

What’s the best blogging platform?

The most popular blogging platform is WordPress with by far the most users so I strongly suggest you start with it. (it also helps that whatever issue you may have, the solution is generally in the community very fast so you are covered)
Then it is Blogger with perhaps the second best following.
Other sites that help you blog are : Medium, Tumblr, Squarespace, Gator.

How do I consistently come up with ideas for new posts?

That is the hardest question to ask a blogger. It is the biggest problem by far (no technical issue is a complicated as this).
The answer is RESEARCH.
No WP theme or plugin will ever help your Blog fly if you don’t write very good articles. Believe me I tried over and over again to find a loophole but it really isn’t one. (at least not an evergreen one).

The reason is again, competition. It constantly raises the bar so you must adapt all the time.
So you must do your research, it is in fact the only thing you cannot outsource because it is personal and is a must.
How does it look like in practice? Well it is something like that (the steps)

  • Make a list of topics you want to Explore
  • Find at least 3 and create 3 projects to work on
  • Read on the topic a book , multiple blogs and watch some youtube videos (if available)
  • Make a first draft (just with the questions you want to have answered about that topic)
  • Add the answer one after another and edit that draft to exhaustion until you answered that question
  • Look for keywords that are close to the topic and optimize the SEO
  • Publish
  • Get feedback after a week from Google Search Console and reoptimize

That above is my formula (in general terms)

In the end you actually have a very detailed guide on the topic that saves people a lot of time (own research) and they will like this freebee.

That’s what a blog post/article should be , a freebee. (think about it in terms of a product even though I don’t like the word because it implies money somewhere along the line, or a gift.
So the visitor gets the information for free, you get the article ownership and the feedback the visitors let (I am not talking about an actual written feedback but the keywords they introduced to get to your page ARE the feedback).

How long should my posts be?

God I hate the old ways the articles were done (300 words masterpieces from which 10% were keywords on repeat , it seemed so pushy , so unnatural, so fake.) It is really no wonder they rarely reached page 1 (and I am being generous here 🙂 )

In 3-400 words you cannot formulate an idea properly so why would you even imagine you can answer a question. It is very superficial way of looking and frankly you think very less of the people who you imagine will come to your blog.
Yes, people like to read more than one pager, yes people can keep focus (if yo give them reasons to), yes your blog can flourish if you make an effort.

So the definite answer to How long a post should be is: as long as it takes you to exhaust the theme. Why put upper limits when you still have things to say? Just write , give details, draw info graphics or whatever you have to do to “say it all” and see how people will react.

Have you noticed from time to time you come across a blog post that is so rich and covers so many of your own questions that you feel you would like to read more from this guy or girl?
It is like a breath of fresh air in the sea of garbage and it makes you bookmark the page/article and share it because it is that good.

This type of posts are not 300 words or 600 but they are Very Long and that is a good thing.
A few years back I discovered Joe Rogan podcast (the experience 🙂 ) and they were speaking about people loving long format content that it keeps you in just because it presents you with 1000 points of view instead headlines (that we’re accustomed with).

Make a test: look on google at websites with titles like “101 questions/answers about XXX” and look at the content itself.
Yes they list 101 questions but they are very superficial, there is just a big list with minimum answer space (to get to the next one and say it was covered).
Why even make such a post, it seems silly. Number games in titles are everywhere and they all scream one thing: clickbait or desperation (or both).

Make yourself a favor and stay away from writing articles like this, in the long run the people who take it seriously will steal all the traffic.

List of best wordpress plugins

Lets say you did your homework and installed a WordPress site framework. Now what?
Now you want to install some plugins to make your life easier.
Here is my list:
Yoast SEO (for SEO )
WP Rocket (For site speed)
Classic Editor (for switching from Gutenberg to Normal)
Force Regenerate Thumbnails (makes small images from big)
Google XML Sitemaps (for Google Sitemap)
Imagify (compresses images )
Schema PRO (creates schema)
WP-SpamShield (for spam security or against it :))

Most important factors in ranking a blog

Backlinks are the most important factor (outside of your site content) that will influence your organic growth.
If you don’t know what backlinks are it is quite simple: when a website mentions in it’s article/page another website and adds a link, it is called backlinking.

That sais that the target of the backlink is referred by the source and that it back’s it up in a sense. (vouches for it)
Then it is pagespeed. If you website is slow like hell people will get bored and think your site is buggy or even not accessible and move farther. Make sure yur blog loads fast (1-2 sec max).
Content. Nothing more to say here just write articles that you wish to read again or that are shareable.

That’s it 🙂 That’s all you really need. You put a theme on top to look nice and start writing.

Cheers and thank you for reading TheLongWalks



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