Old games

Lets play a game !

Oh my god this post is so exciting to write, I cannot wait 🙂 It will be epic I promise.

I was born in the 80’s so in the 90’s, I played a lot.

I’m tempted to mention my favorite games, what do you think that I should do?

So what I will tell you is how it all started and how it evolved for me.

It is interesting personally for two reasons:

  1. To remember the good old games that made my day back then
  2. To trace back in a way my childhood and teenage years.

The first game I remember was Tetris (on that handheld device that contained also Snake and other stuff).

During the same time there was also Nu Pogodi game where you had to catch the eggs thrown at you.

Please help me remember the other two games I’m not remembering!

Old unknown games: Hockey electronic game and you were the goalkeeper and another was with a rocket that was moving left and right between comets and tries to avoid them.

Those are my first memories and encounters with electronic games (not yet PC or console).

Then came the console time.

The name of the console is Terminator 2.

The universe of games opened and I was so happy like never before. I was swimming in games. The console was attached to the television and had one tape in its memory containing Super Mario and another 100 games. The default games.

I think I saved the princess hundreds of times from the turtle looking dragon. Not that I even cared about her, just to get further and to see new levels.

I was going with my grandpa to the “Russians” the Russian market where they had games like Street Fighter or something with cars, or Prince Of Persia.

Exchanging with friends and neighbors these games was part of the fun. Another game I remember which was part of the default batch was Tanks. You had to kill other tanks and collect points. You could also upgrade your tank. How cool.

Shooting ducks on the screen with the gun was also very nice but I was not into that so much.

Next is PC Games era

Oh god. Kids in school started having PC’s with cool games and mouse. I wanted that so much I always asked home to buy me one. It was a bit expensive and for games you needed also more memory. Eventually my mom bought me a computer (without CD-rom) so it was almost impossible to transfer anything on it (it had just floppy disk).

To install Windows 95 you all you needed was 11 floppy disks and plug them in one after another and BAM.

Then install the drivers (for sound, for USB, for videocard). It was like rebuilding the house again and again. I was limited by absolutely all hardware components. The started configuration was: 4MB Ram, 386 CPU, 420 MB HDD and video card some GeForce (maybe not).

After I eventually got a CDROM to read those Level Magazine demo cd’s I still continued year after year my upgrading quest because games evolved and requirements increased.

Now about the games:

Doom was first I think. It was first person shooter.

Then Counter Strike and my favorite game ever Quake 3 Arena.

I played Q3 so much that I became the best from everyone I know, I could probably compete internationally that good I was. Even years after with a gap of 15 years in between I played with some friends and just killed everyone. Just pure pixel massacre.

Q3 had a lot of mods but my favorite was 2advanced. It was just the next level.

Another (maybe the second after Quake) was Unreal Tournament. I was also very good at it and spent countless hours jumping around and fragging people.

Then of course were the Need For Speed series for racing games, Fifa for sport and Starcraft1 and 2 for strategy.

Warcraft 3 was also a big hit during the Counter Strike era.

You can still buy majority of these games for a few bucks now. Or you can see them in Oldies Bundle pack. These games are literally electronic gold.

Now what I think older games are better

The list of reasons is below 🙂 :

  • Older games are more memorable than new ones
  • The amount of time spend playing them is incomparable bigger than new games (Counter Strike people were playing for years compared to Far Cry which is renewed every year by the developer to be kept fashionable)
  • People were more focused on the game and exploring it more in depth
  • Were not focused on graphics but on play-ability
  • Were not so Expensive
  • Had no subscription like Netflix or WoW from Blizzard
  • Didn’t require internet connection

I will think about making the PRO list bigger but for now those are the main points. I just feel that they gave you more, you know?

Don’t get me wrong, PS and PS4 games these days look amazing, GTA v for example is a huge game with unlimited possibilities.

Possibly these old games had a big impact and they impressed me so much because I was young and I remained with a good taste after them but is also possible that these days the volume of new stuff that comes out is so much bigger than the kids are basically not “allowed” to get comfortable with a game and explore it because a new version appears.

For me the best PS4 game I ever played was Bloodborne. It is hard as hell but once you figure it out you will realize how amazing the game is. Not just the graphics but also the story. It is really a work of art.

What are games good for?

A lot of people may say that games (computer games) are toxic because it separates the individual from social and human interactions. That may be true but what do you say then about the Online Multiplayer games where entire economies, guilds adventures and socializing is taking place and is encouraged. You can add voice you can change avatar you can do whatever you want and speak with real people.

Are those people somewhat in between? I think the issue is the definition of social. In the last ten years it changed drastically. Before social meant face to face coffee time but now social means your presence online (how fast you reply to private messages, how much time you are online on Messenger etc). So you cannot really compare because the limits of social changed.

When I went to office this morning I saw in the station walking 3 boys with their heads down killing some monsters on the phone. They were together but each separate in their phone/game. I bet if their parents asked them: how did you get to school they will say: “Together with my colleague X and Y” and not “with the head in the phone”.

Candy Crush Apocalypse

We live in a strange new world where Candy Crushing is the proffered offline game in the Metro and not reading a book. So the games these days are made to keep you hooked all the time with small virtual coins “virtual gains” to trick your mind that you actually achieved something.

Also the games (on mobile devices) are extremely easy to complete a level to so that rewards come faster and more often. The rewards get you addicted and not the game. That said a lot about the nature of games currently.

Another version genre of games is the one in which when you “die” you lose everything you accumulated up until then. Those games are frustrating but the good part about them is that by constantly repeating the same level over and over again you actually improve in that game. So in the end you gain something.

I could talk all day about games because I have a lot of experience in majority of big names but I will let it for other time.

Cheers and thank you for reading TheLongWalks





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