Let me tell you why I started one picture challenge and what does it mean.

How many pictures you put online per day is depending on how many experiences you have in that same day.

I will assume you are not totally bothered with the idea of posting personal stuff.

Here is what I do when it comes to the increased number if pictures I have on the phone and how I filter them.

As a ‘winner’ for that day ( which I may use online in a post or just highlight it.)

Lets say I take 15 pictures today ( lets start from that) this is how I break them down:

  1. Pictures that have a face in them ( portraits ) -7
  2. Images that have items (food, clothes, cars) -4
  3. Pictures that are very personal (contain contacts, addresses, other people) – 3
  4. Pictures that are mistakes ( finger on camera, super low lighting, duplicates) -1

Now what I do is create separate folder in Gmail photo album called (portraits, items, private and delete) … then just drag those pictures to their folder.

If one day there is nothing for Portraits then no problem, less to move.

Like this you will have very clear folders to be used for the new step.

Next is go into the folders and just by general observation look at the pictures to see which one stands out ( for whatever reason) and after you decided on 1 ( one) then rename that picture to imagexxx_best_day

Then do the same for the rest of them until you have 4 pictures in total.

Now the final round:

Put them up, put them side by side ( if you are on computer or open 4 tabs if you are on phone ) and select the best from those 4. And rename it again to imagexxx_final_day.

So that’s it. Congrats.

You may tell me:‘but Vlad why do I need to do all those steps? I can just scroll down and select the best directly’.

That would be a mistake because when you select directly the ‘best’ one you don’t compare between the top choices but between last seen ones. Plus it is giving you an overview of the day .

Another question can be: but why don’t I select more than one winner?
I strongly encourage you to stick to one choice per day even though you have more nice pics, candidates.
Before these phone camera revolution people were taking pictures with film camera where you had really just a few shots. That was limiting in itself but the best childhood pictures are made like that and have more memories associated to them compared to the random, bizarre pictures people take now . Those pictures don’t contain memories or feelings, they are empty.

So lets start together this challenge and I promise you you will see some good changes in your photo taking and storing ( it will make you more thoughtful) and as a result a better person (hahaha) 🙂

Cheers and thank you for reading TheLongWalks



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