One of the things we started last year was going to Piano lessons Suzuki Method.

There are a lot of ways to learn pino and this is one of them which sounded appropriate and even encouraged for very small children.

How piano learning works is as follows:

  1. There is a triangle teacher-parent-child
  2. Parent(s) are basically thought how to play the piano while the child is listening or just playing around
  3. Child is absorbing the music through his parent’s play every day at home.
  4. There is a curriculum composed of 7 books that grow in difficulty
  5. Each book should take to learn approx 1 year

So with this knowledge in mind we decided to join the class and enjoy it.

We also bought an electronic keyboard Yamaha P125 black with support and pedal so we are all set.

Now the problem appeared soon after.

It takes time to actually learn how to play. (it takes a few days to learn right hand then a few more to learn the left and finally it takes a month to put them together). So all in all to master a song you need to dedicate ~2 months.

That would not be a problem if you won’t have work/school/duties/responsibility. But in reality you have 30 minutes max for it. So what to do in case you want to make some progress and you don’t have time?

One thing you can do is split the song in parts (one line at a time) and dedicate 15 minutes a day to learn it.
Practice in that 15 minutes as much as possible, to get your fingers adjusted to the movement and build some muscle memory.
Second thing is: make a habit out of practicing at the same time every day (at 8 PM for example) so schedule it in phone calendar so it will notify 10 minutes before.

Also choose a song that you really like as it will keep you motivated to actually finish the peace and not give up in the middle.

For example I really like “Musette” so even though it is considered more complicated I kept at it and I learned it fully.

Buy a pair of headset as well so you can practice with higher volume even if you practice at 11 PM.

What if you don’t have time at all for piano learning? Then just listen to the songs without playing and make time later for practicing.

Cheers and thank you for reading TheLongWalks



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