Hey there. For some, having a pet is similar with having a brother or sister. Others never had any and would like to have.
Every Christmas lots of puppies are ‘gifted’ to kids, girlfriends or loves ones. Thats fine, but the same puppies are after new year becoming orphans and send in all directions because the owners didn’t like the gift.
People tend to treat these animals like objects that can be placed and discarded, thats just cruel and sad. So if you are tempted to make a surprise to someone think about the actual Implications in case the gift is not received well.

That being said lets get back to the main topic. How to like animals.

I never had pets up until middle 20s and I never thought I will. The animal planet channel was all nice and interesting but actually owning or taking care of a creature didn’t even cross my mind as an actual thing that I could do.

Neighbors had dogs, others cats so we bought for the first time water turtles 🙂

Good for starter pet owners, don’t require attention, don’t need lots of food or accommodation place and i liked Ninja Turtles.
They grew quite big and eventually didn’t have a lot of space in the aquarium to swim so we gave them away to some people with an actual pool outside.

Lesson learned from this experience: no matter how small the pet is … it grows and grows and together with it also the demands.

You need to have a certain mindset to actually own animals and here are the prerequisites ( according to me )

  1. You need to really like the animal
  2. You need to make time for it
  3. You need to entertain it
  4. You need to feed it

Those are rules for dogs, cats, horses 🙂 If you have a tarantula you don’t need anything ( just maybe a desire not to freak out every time you see it).

In the image I added to this post there is a cat from the Catcaffee here in Prague. One of 8 that lay around when you enter. The place is packed with people not because they really enjoy the panini but they stare and touch the cats.

That is crazy! Some lady told us that she has 3 cats at home… and still comes to this caffee.

Investment of the place: buy 8 different cats and feed them every day. Let people in your house and ask them for money every time they want something.

People like animals instinctively. They may be afraid of them but they can still like them. They are after all living beings just like us so the connection is there.

Here are a few tips on how to train tourself to like animals:

  1. Go to meetings related to that type of pet
  2. Join facebook groups of pet lovers and just watch the feed ( also good before buying an animal because it tells you the most common issues you may encounter)
  3. Ask your friends to let you play with their pet ( cat, dog, iguana) to get the feeling and stay in the presence of one.
  4. Host for a short period of time an animal in your house and just deal with it.( it is a little forced but you can have very good surprises)
  5. Finally buy a pet and introduce him to the family as a new family member and not as an aquisition

Enjoy your future animal and love him and you will see that he will love you back. Just make this leap and give it your best.

See you guys and have a really good evening.

Cheers and thank you for reading TheLongWalks



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