don't leave things to chance
Don’t leave things to chance

Don’t leave things to chance or they will control you.

Hello. This is an important topic that I feel needs to be addressed about fate.

I am not really sure how to begin, to find the core issue but it is troubling me especially because I am guilty myself.

The problem is that too many people just gamble with their chances whenever they have the opportunity.

Chance to do good if they can, chance to avoid a disaster, chance to win and be successful. Those opportunities are just lost because ‘I am tired’ or ‘this won’t work’ or ‘I am not food enough’ … the list goes on.

Some people throw on the floor garbage and because of spite or stupidity or just bad manners.

They gamble with the fact that it won’t affect them that action, that it is someone else to pick it up for them, that nobody saw and it doesn’t matter or that everybody saw and they won’t have the guts to do anything about it.

It is these petty offenses and harms that define an individual and at the end accumulated a whole nation.

No hope?

On the other aide of the coin it is also possible to inspire the person next to you to improve and change further his/her world.

You can so two things: do something bad for someone and have a bad taste in your mouth and your mind for the rest of your life or you can the the opposite , something really good for someone and you’ll experience gratitude and something back.

It is part of the karma I guess so it affects everyone

If you know that something is rotten or wrong with someone’s actions don’t expect it will become better. Do something about it especially if it affects tour life.

If you are in a bad situation (financial or health related or personal) and you think you are powerless try to do something to change your situation no matter how small and insignificant it might seem at the moment.

This is not bullshit, it can really help you out of something bad.

Laziness is the killer of dreams

At work , like in life , there are individuals that enjoy being comfortable without much changes in their workload or type. If you have family it is harder to get the courage to change jobs (when it is good) and risk in a way the steady flow of income. But on the other hand you are trapped by your own powerlessness to be independent.

You’re like a fish that prefers staying in his bowl even if the water becomes dirtier and dirtier.

If you leave things to chance you do the same, it is a choice you actually make to let yourself be controlled by outside forces. Rarely those forces are working in your interest.

You have to ask for that raise of salary, you have to ask to be given new assignments, you have to ask for your freedom and independence. Work always as hard as possible not because the boss wants you to or the company or the partner.

Do it because it has to be done and that nobody is like you.

Uh you are jealous

Don’t be jealous on people because you think they “have more” or are successful in their life. Try to be inspired to do more just like them because believe me, the top people, the CEO’s don’t work 8 hours a day and watch Youtube just because they are on top.

They constantly challenge themselves and are very very hardworking. There is no shortcut for success then just handwork.

The Japanese when they say goodbye to each other or see you alter, they say “work hard” so basically “don’t leave things to chance”. For Europeans to wish to someone to work hard is like a punishment in a way, we always wish “good luck” or “make lots of money” or “be happy”. That is such a big difference in mentality but the biggest difference is in outcome, in what that mentality creates.

If you have ever been to Japan you will understand the power of hard work, how far you can reach by putting aside your laziness or comfort.

Japanese don’t let things to chance, they take charge and change their world and work on it constantly to perfect it.

What is the endgoal?

Can you imagine just how much you can achieve by spending your free time improving your skills (learning to play piano for example, or reading something that you can use later like a technical book, or just polishing your already acquired skills). You will be a totally different person.

It is your life and you can do whatever you want with it so why not do more and achieve more.

When you get old in a way is the hardest to “be active” and “do stuff” but if you have the fire in you I am sure you can find something.

If you are young it can be very tempting to try a lot of things to see if something sticks, but in the long run you need to have a couple of things and stay with them before you move further.

A good balanced life should include something for:

body (sportish activity),

mind (some board games, getting new knowledge form books or online resources, learning a new language)

soul (something you know you will never be good at but it is making you happy).

Anyways, it was nice to go into this topic and I hope you constantly search for your goals and destinations, day by day a new step and soon it will take you there.

Cheers and thank you for reading TheLongWalks



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