If you’ve been thinking whether to get a Alumacraft, chances are, you’re someone who goes for quality, durability and performance. Why?

Because that’s what Alumacraft boats are renowned for amongst boating lovers! Besides that, there are also loads of features in Alumacraft Boats that makes them a good choice. Here’s a listing :

(1) Less Feedback Steering & Hence Drier, Smoother & Quieter Riding Experience

Due to the specific technology used, Alumacraft boats reduces the transmission of prop troque through the driver. It’s much easier and safer to ride at a higher speed as the wheel won’t spin out of your hands that easily and cause a loss of control!

Partly because of this reduced feedback and vibration, a Alumacraft tend to cruise over the surface of the water without splashing, resulting in a much drier, smoother and quieter travelling experience.

(2) Best Quality Hardware & Heavier, Top Grade Marine Gauge Aluminum

Built with chromed metal hardware renowned for being durable and strong, Alumacraft boats gives a better grip even if you’re wearing gloves! The heavier, top grade marine guage aluminum material used further enhances it’s durability.

Hence with proper care, it’s not surprising at all to find some Alumacraft boats to be in perfect working condition even after many years of usage.

(3) Ease of Customization

Alumacraft boats is manufactured by one of the largest independently owned boat maker. That makes it easier to rig the boat to your preference. Definitely a dream come true for boating lovers!

(4) Larger Aircraft Grade Rivets & Tighter Fit between Welds and Rivets

With large rivets comes greater strength and because of this, less of them are required as compared to smaller rivets. Lesser holes are needed to be drilled into Alumacraft boats thereby reducing the tendency of losing rivets.

This simple logic, coupled by the tighter fit in between welds and rivets improves compactness of the boat’s body as a whole and reduce the possibility of leakage. All in all, this helps to further explain why maintenance is a such a breeze for Alumacraft boats.

(5) More & Better Ribs

The use of more and better ribs is also the main reason why Alumacraft boats can take more pounding than you thought. Another great explanation on why they’re so durable.

(6) Great Paintwork.

Alumacraft boats are painted with the best quality paint used by major auto makers. Since both base colour / clear coat colour are similar, it’s easier and less costly to do touch ups than repainting the whole boat. What does that mean? Once again, lesser cost and lower maintenance effort!

(7) One Single Piece of Hull

At first glance, it didn’t seem to mean a lot. But the fact that it does meant there’s a lesser tendency of losing rivets or pieces falling apart, isn’t it? A rare phenomenon that you see with other brands of boats.

Now, with the so many great features listed above, there’s really no reason for you not to consider an Alumacraft, isn’t it? Though they come in various sizes, shapes and styles for a wide spectrum of uses and budgets, with careful selection, you’ll still be able to find the right one that suit your needs.

Without burning a hole in your pocket, of course!


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