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Monthly Archives: February, 2020

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Why is time management important

The top two things that people seem to want more of are money and time.As a matter of fact, more money and...

Benefits to video games

What are the positive effects of video gaming? “Our family engages in "mindless" video games from time to time ... but it's treated like "junk...

Learn Russian From Beginner to Fluent in 6 months

Guys I am super excited to announce my new challenge called "Learn Russian From Beginner to Fluent in 6 months". It is...

Are Online Parenting Classes for me

Are you interested in improving your parenting skills? Then read ahead. Having to undertake a parenting class...

Top trends in twitter and why they matter

Stay on top of trends Why stay on top of trends? Look for top trends on twitter.

Don’t leave things to chance

Don’t leave things to chance Don't leave things to chance or they will control you.

Respect everyone, fear no one.

Respect everyone, fear no one I recently discovered a very interesting book called Respect that teaches the reader...

Problems are good for you

Problems are good Wait, what? This doesn’t sound right. All your life you’re trying to...

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