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Monthly Archives: January, 2020

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Motivational quotes Bundle 1

  Amazing list of motivational quotes for a lifetime.

Drink water not whiskey

Drink water not whiskey You know what? If you want to be cool this year drink water 🙂

How to concentrate in a world of distractions

how to concentrate For how long can you stay focused ? It's been very hard...

Why old games are better than the new ones

Old games Lets play a game ! Oh my god this post is so exciting...

How to get lost and find yourself again.

lost and found This is the place where I live. It is Prague in case...

How machine learning will change your life

Machine learning AI and the Terminator era begins. Machine learning takes over. This AI apocalypse...

Tips on how to write a blog

Tips on how to write a blog Hello Everyone. Welcome to TheLongWalks blog.If you reached this point it means...

What is healthy food

Healthy food The healthy food quest You eat so you can live or you live...

How I understand montessori.

Montessori or Waldorf What is Montessori method in raising kids and why you should consider it for your...

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